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SHAIKH-UL-ISLAM Description Hadrat Allama Mufti Pir Saiyed Muhammad Madani Miya Ashrafi al Jilani is Chief caretaker (Sajjada Nasheen) of Makhdoom al Millat Muhaddith al A'zam al Hind (RA). His Silsila is Known as Ashrafia Silsila. He is a Well known Sufi Scholar of Kichhocha Sharif U.P India. He extensively visits foreign countries in order to propagate Islam. HAZRAT'S BIRTH It was in the light of such an Islamic enviroment that Hadrat was born on the 1st of Rajab 1357 A.H. HAZRAT'S BLESSED PARENTS Hadrat Shaykh al-Islam ("Hadrat") is the son of MUHADDITH AL AZAM AL-HIND Rahmatullahi 'alaih. Hadrat's paternal grandfather was Mawlana SaiyedShah Nadhar Ashraf Rahmatullahi 'alaih who was a renowned Hakeem, an outstanding Islamic scholar and a distinguished lecturer of the Persian language. He was also well respected for his debating skills and poetry. SaiyedNadhar Ashraf Rahmatullahi 'alaih had a reputation of being extremely generous, and whatever wealth he ontained was generously distributed

Madani Ashrafi

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